CHIRP is the Council for Health Improvement through Research and Practice, a not-for-profit society which promotes the interaction of health professionals of many modalities, allowing them to interact and communicate, and thereby enhance their abilities as practitioners and researchers.  We seek to gain knowledge from each other, and bring health into a new era.


To foster the exchange of knowledge and to promote collaboration between researchers,practitioners and industry in health sciences for the purpose of introducing and/or developing novel forms of healthcare delivery to the public via new directions in both research and practice.

What We Do

Established in 2013, the Council for Health Improvement through Research and Practice (CHIRP) International provides high quality health care information to medical practitioners and the general public.

With their high daily workload, it can be difficult for health professionals to stay on top of the vast wealth of fresh research accumulating every day from around the world. As a result, it can take decades for the best proven research to reach practitioners and their patients. In the meantime, unproven research reaches the ears of the general public through the media, creating confusion and a distorted view of many health issues. This site is an attempt to bridge that gap, offering solid health care information moderated by the world’s leading specialists.

Knowledge and prevention remain our key allies for avoiding health problems in the face of rising costs. Here we offer essential information, allowing everyone to take ownership of their health in a proactive and preventative fashion. This site offers new, proven and accepted treatment options for major health problems, like depression, anxiety, panic, and bipolar disorders, to name a few. We also address important environmental health issues, like water purity, self sustainability and genetic manipulation, among others.

It is our hope that this Website provides everything you need to stay well informed on current health care issues and general practices. Please check back often for regular updates.

DISCLAIMER: CHIRP International is not responsible for information offered by our contributing experts and is not a substitute for the valued opinion of your doctor. Any such information presented on this site should be discussed with them. In doing so, please refer your doctor to the relevant areas of this site so that they may investigate more thoroughly on your behalf.

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